5 Christmas Fence Toppers We Love!

Decorating the yard for Christmas will be so much more fun with these Christmas fence toppers. Choose a cute Holiday fence topper that peeks over the fence to great visitors and add a bit of charm to your home.

Cute Snowman Christmas Fence Topper

Cute Snowman Christmas Fence TopperBuy From Amazon

This cute snowman fence topper is made from metal with adjustable arms that wrap around your fence. At about 18″ tall, this topper will attract the attention of any passersby with his cute carrot nose and black top hat with mistletoe decoration.

Santa Snoopy Metal Christmas Fence Topper

Santa Snoopy Metal Christmas Fence TopperBuy From Amazon

Christmas and Snoopy is still a magical combination for me! This Snoopy with a Santa hat will be hanging on my fence this Holiday season for sure!

I love the way Snoopy peeks over the fence, showing his little paws. Hope the neighbors will like it too!

I will install a solar light to shine on him at night, it will be so cute!

Santa Fence Topper

Santa Fence TopperBuy From Amazon

This Santa is resting on your fence after delivering all those presents! Santa’s decked out in his full re Santa suit, carrying a bag of toys (we presume) and holding a candy cane.

Or maybe he’s had too much to eat, because he’s holding his hand over his belly?

In any case, this is a fence topper you’ll like to look at all day!

The fence topper includes the proper hardware to mount it.

Snowman Fence Topper

Snowman Fence Topper

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A tired and worn out snowman resting on your fence? This guy looks like he needs a little nap and he looks cute doing it.

This Christmas fence topper is well made (from metal) and very detailed.

Reindeer Fence Topper

Reindeer Fence TopperBuy From Amazon

This adorable reindeer looks like he needs a rest after delivering all his wood. I think Santa makes his reindeer work too hard sometimes, so he deserves a little rest.

Add a little solar spotlight on this fence topper to make it shine!

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