Gorgeous Rose Gold Office Accessories For A Stylish Home Office

Rose Gold Office Accessories

I love all things rose gold! For a recent home office makeover I decided upon rose gold office accessories and went online shopping. Here’s what I found:

Rose Gold Desk Lamp

Rose Gold Desk LampCheck Price On Wayfair


I found this rose gold desk lamp on Wayfair. It’s a modern, elegant looking lamp with a marble base and copper pole.

The cord is covered in black and white fabric and the glass shade is amber colored. This lamp will look great on my desk!

Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Next on my list of rose gold office accessories is a rose gold desk organizer. I’m forever searching for things, so keeping things clutter-free is a must.

Oh yeah and it looks cool too!

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I choose this rose gold desk accessories set, because it’s got everything I need: a pencil holder, letter sorter, note holder, letter tray and a hanging file organizer.

This set is made from sturdy metal, so I’m sure it will last forever.

Rose Gold Wastebasket

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This rose gold wastebasket can also be used for the bathroom and there are other matching accessories available. I might just do a bathroom makeover next…

Rose Gold Notebook

I can never have enough notebooks, as I’m always jotting down ideas. Full confession: I even have a notebook in my nightstand for any ideas that might pop up during sleepless nights. Enough said!

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I found this rose gold notebook on Amazon and love the rose gold foil on the covers.

Rose Gold Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is all the rage and for once I decided to hop on the bandwagon. I like being organized and setting goals, so this is perfect for me.

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This rose gold bullet journal is great to start out with and has 250 pages with monthly goals, yearly resolutions lists, a calendar and more!

Rose Gold Phone Stand

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Not only is this rose gold phone stand gorgeous to look at, it’s anti-slip and anti-scratch. Nothing irritates me more than a phone that’s suddenly dropping on the floor, so this feature makes me happy.

It can also be used to hold your iPad or tablet and it’s very sturdy.

Rose Gold Bluetooth Speaker

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I really need a Bluetooth speaker with a good sound quality to listen to webinars and, of course, my favorite music.

This rose gold Bluetooth speaker fits my needs: excellent stereo sub-woofer and a sleek design. Love it!

Rose Gold Gridwall

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A rose wall gridwall that can be used for organizing any space! I use it to keep notes and bought the matching baskets for placing 2 small plants. I really love it as wall decor.

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